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On the border between the northern and southern Alps.

Straddling the departments of Isère (38), Hautes-Alpes (05) and Savoie (73), the Oisans massif offers a wide range of activities. A holiday combining breathtaking scenery, thrills, gentle activities and wide-open spaces is guaranteed!

The Oisans is made up of 22 villages and resorts, each unique in terms of access, size and exposure.

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expansion of mountaineering en oisans

Saint Christophe en Oisans et la Berarde Alpes Photographs
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a majestic entrance in the Écrins massif

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north face? or south?

The history of mountaineering in the region is rich in exploits and tragedies. In 1786, the ascent of Mont Blanc marked the beginning of this adventure.

Wild, secret, mysterious, the Oisans, with its powerful rocky frame, supports a third of the glaciers in the French Alps. It remains one of the last wild massifs,one of the least explored, the kingdom of chamois hunters, farmers and crystal-makers before 1850.

Then adventurers took an interest in the Meije. Their attempts, however, like those of their predecessors, ended in failure. The goddess of the Oisans is a devious goddess who can be contemplated from below.

Its proximity to the village encouraged climbers to attempt the Meije via the north face, which is clearly visible from La Grave itself. However, the routes on the north face proved too difficult for the equipment and techniques of the time. It was only when attention turned to the south face, above La Bérarde, a hamlet of Saint-Christophe-en-Oisans, that attempts began to bear fruit.

Today, these villages are known as mountaineering villages.

From La Grave to La Bérarde voyage en oisans

la brèche de la meije

Today it is possible to link La Grave to La Bérarde by crossing the Écrins massif.

Head for the Brèche de la Meije!

This traverse links two emblematic villages of the Oisans massif via an exceptional itinerary on the north face of the Meije. The ascent begins with a traversing path that leads to a rocky spur bordering the magnificent Meije glacier: the Enfetchores.

After carefully ascending the glacier to the brèche, the descent begins over rocky slabs before rejoining the Etançons glacier. The path then descends the Etançons mineral valley to La Bérarde, passing the Châtelleret refuge.

On skis, this itinerary is a classic for spring skiing, when you can take advantage of the south-facing slopes on the way down. In summer, it's a spectacular first mountaineering run.


Saint Christophe en Oisans and Berarde Paul Brechu Paul Brechu


Les deux alpes Pyrène DUFFAU Les 2 alpes
Pyrène DUFFAU Les 2 alpes
Les deux alpes Pyrène DUFFAU Les 2 alpes Pyrène DUFFAU Les 2 alpes


A true winter sports paradise with over 410 hectares of marked runs, Les 2 Alpes is just 30 minutes from La Grave - La Meije.

Like La Grave La Meije, Les 2 Alpes is one of Europe's highest ski areas.

Les 2 Alpes is also one of the few destinations in Europe where you can enjoy summer skiing. In summer, Les 2 Alpes becomes a paradise for mountain bikers. Hikers will also be delighted by the incredible views!


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Alpe d'Huez - Lionel Royet Alpe d'Huez Tourisme
Lionel Royet / Alpe d'Huez Tourisme
Alpe d'Huez, a 50-minute drive from La Grave, boasts over 250 km of downhill ski runs and 55 km of cross-country ski trails.

This large alpine ski area is very close to villages that have retained their charm, so you can also discover their different traditions: Auris-en-Oisans, Oz-en-Oisans, Vaujany, Villard-Reculas, La Garde-en-Oisans and le Freney d'Oisans.

In summer, enjoy a wide range of sporting (hiking, flying, biking, horseback riding, etc.), cultural and leisure activities. Alpe d'Huez is also the scene of a number of major events throughout the summer!


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Alpe d'Huez - Lionel Royet Alpe d'Huez Tourisme Lionel Royet / Alpe d'Huez Tourisme

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