The pleasure of fishing

Want to reconnect with nature? Treat yourself to some time in the open air, beside a river or lake, listening to the silence, the sound of the wind, observing the magnificent landscapes of the Hautes Vallées and especially the Izoard. Alone to relax and enjoy a soothing moment, or with your family, grandchildren or children, to share a moment and bond in the open air!

Are you looking forward to it? The little ones have arrived and they're ready! The fishing rods, boots and hats are out, all that's missing is a picnic, and you're off for a family fishing trip in Izoard!

ouverture de la pêche

For first category rivers: 2nd Saturday in March to 1st Sunday in October.

For high-altitude lakes: 3rd Saturday in June to last Sunday in October.


Get a head start! Buy your fishing permit online at or in our Hautes Vallées Tourist Information Offices.

Lac des Cordes Izoard - Blais T. © Blais T.

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The Durance

A mythical river, it is fed by various tributaries and already becomes powerful when it passes through the gorges between the Vauban fortresses of Briançon.

The river jumps from boulder to boulder, forming a succession of waterfalls and cascades. Trout thrive in these cool, oxygenated waters. You can catch some fine-sized specimens here. Source : AAPPMA "Les pêcheurs Briançonnais



Lâchers attractifs de la Durance à Briançon: easily accessible, the Hautes-Alpes fishing associations organize year-round releases of adult trout that are easy to catch.

This course is located between the Zone Artisanale Pont La Lame and the Briançon Sports Park. To find the exact location, click on the interactive map.

Fishing - Guffroy F. Guffroy F.
Lac de l'Orceyrette - Morattel S. Morattel S.

Lake of l'orceyrette

Surrounded by a forest of pines and larches, in an exceptional setting, this lake located above the hamlet of Les Ayes at 1,900m altitude is stocked with fario and rainbow trout.

From the 3rd Saturday in June (when the high altitude lakes open), regular releases of trout from the Federation's fish farm are made every week, to the delight of all.

Altitude: 1,939m - Surface area: 3.54 hectares.


An exceptional setting in the heart of the Bois des Ayes Reserve.

A "Handipêche" pontoon specially designed for anglers with reduced mobility.

Parcours Attractif: This lake is managed strictly for fishing purposes. Throughout the year, fishing associations in the Hautes-Alpes organize releases of adult trout, which can easily be caught using fish from our fish farm.

Lac des Cordes

Located in the heart of the upper Fonts de Cervières valley, this remarkable lake, dominated by the Pic de Rochebrune, is stocked with rainbow trout and Cristivomers.

Away from it all, this lake is ideal for anglers who love the great outdoors.

Altitude: 2,446m - Surface area: 2 hectares


An unspoilt setting away from it all, in the heart of the Fonts de Cervières.

An ideal site for evening bivouac fishing.

Lac des Cordes - Balacé A. Balacé A.
Cerveyrette peach - Guffroy F. Guffroy F.

la cerveyrette

Magnificent crystalline river running through the Fonts de Cervières valley and its unique high-altitude marsh, Cervières and the hamlet of Terre Rouge. An ideal river for fly or toc fishing.

Please note: The Bourget de la Cerveyrette marsh is an exceptional complex of wetland habitats combining various marshes, peat bogs and bodies of water, classified as a Natura 2000 area. It is strictly forbidden to fish in the tributary streams and adoux of the Cerveyrette in this area (from the culvert under the Rd 902 to the route des Hugues - Cervières).


A wild river, a paradise for fly fishermen.

Translucent water, requiring a discreet approach

An exceptional natural setting to protect

But also .... The Torrent de l'Orceyrette, the Torrent de Sachas and the ruisseau du Bletonnet are just some of the 1st category streams you can tackle.