Conquering the summits of the Izoard

At an altitude of almost 3,000m, they are recognizable from afar, dominating the Briançonnais, Italy and the Queyras.

Do you know these peaks? La Croix d'Aquila, le Grand Glaiza, le Chenaillet, le pic de Rochebrune, le Grand Peygu and le sommet du Prorel?

So don't wait any longer to take to the trails that lead to the peaks! Caution and experience are essential when exploring these peaks. And don't forget, go with someone!

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le grand peygu

Les sommets - Le Grand Peygu - Ducroux M.
Ducroux M.
The Grand Peygu is a pyramid that catches the eye as you climb the Col de l'Izoard.

The summit reaches an altitude of 2,796 m. It offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Ecrins, Vanoise, Cerces and Queyras massifs, as well as Mont Blanc. The ascent is short and sporty, making it a challenging hike. The ridge route requires careful navigation between the rocks. It's sometimes necessary to use your hands. More experienced climbers can tackle the ascent of Grand Peygu. Departure is from the hamlet of Le Laus.


Grand Peygu itinerary

the mount prorel

Les sommets vu du mont prorel Briançon T.Blais
Blais T.
Mont Prorel rises to an altitude of 2,566 m and dominates the Briançonnais region.

It borders the Ecrins National Park, but is not part of it. The summit offers beautiful views of the Guisane and Durance valleys, as well as Briançon's Vauban fortifications. The ascent is punctuated by oratories leading to the Chapelle Notre-Dame-des-Neiges. Stop to visit this 18th-century chapel. Continue on up to the summit of Mont Prorel to admire the view.


Mount Prorel itinerary

Discover Le Prorel and the Chapelle Notre-Dame-des-Neiges

the chenaillet

Mont Chenaillet - Ducroux M.
Ducroux M.
The Chenaillet is a well-known geological treasure trove for geology enthusiasts.

Every year, many students climb this peak. To the great surprise of novices, the Chenaillet summit is the result of submarine volcanism. It bears witness to the history of the formation of the Alps. Today, Mont Chenaillet reaches an altitude of 2,650m. Thematic markers help you discover its history as you climb. The hike is not too strenuous and offers 360° panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and Italy.


Chenaillet itinerary

the cross d'aquila

sommet croix d'aquila
Guffroy F.
From the summit of the Croix d'Aquila, the mountains of the Briançonnais and some of the peaks of the Ecrins come into view.

At an altitude of 2,400m, this summit offers a panoramic view of the Pic de Montbrison. Departing from the commune of Puy-Saint-André, the route passes through the Partias Nature Reserve, where good behavior is essential to protect the area. This hike presents no particular difficulties, apart from a steep, aerial passage on the approach to the cross.


Itinerary of the Aquila cross

Pic de Rochebrune

Rochebrune - Ducroux M.
Ducroux M.
The Pic de Rochebrune is the highest summit in the Izoard, reaching an altitude of almost 3,320m. 

!!! ATTENTION - Rockslide at Rochebrune peak !!!

A major landslide has occurred on the south-west face of the Pic de Rochebrune. Huge boulders are still threatening and ready to fall. A municipal decree prohibiting ascent of the Pic de Rochebrune and surrounding area has been issued as of Monday August 14, 2023.

For further information, contact the Briançon guide office on 04 92 20 15 73.